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Evie Shockley | “because there should be love”

October 19, 2021 Get Lit - Words Ignite Season 3 Episode 23
Get Lit Minute
Evie Shockley | “because there should be love”
Show Notes

In this week's episode of the Get Lit Minute, your favorite poetry podcast, we spotlight the life and work of poet Evie Shockley.

“because there should be love”

there should be love poems. iridescent odes to skies

and their fluid, mutating blues, their restless canvases


where we cast the adjectives—brilliant, dark, deep, clear—  

that name our daily moods, ringing doubt and delight,

confusion and cheer, the brave lines we spit to spin


out the re-newed story of two lives winding themselves 

into joy. there should be lyrics that hit all the notes—do,

 mi, sol—in the scale, that belt them out as they arrive—

passionate, pushy, pulsating, unpredictable—breathing 


the whole—billie, abbey, ella—range of the torchlit heart. 

there should be love poems, star-sprung stanzas that try 


out the rough ballad of two lives lifting themselves 

higher together than apart: that sing it: breaking relief.

each waking, that the hours are ours to share: certainty


that silver-lines even cumulonimbus ire: the your hand

in my hand in your hand of right now, and from now on. 

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